Eric Cuevas D.C.

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When I arrived in the United States, I didn’t have a lot of ideas about chiropractic.

I had been a chiropractic patient since I was thirteen and I went to my chiropractor regularly, but I didn’t have all the different techniques or the possibilities that our profession offer.

So it was by a combination of enormous circumstances and extraordinary luck that I found myself at the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City. Because it’s in this only college in all the United States, something that I did not know, that was the only director of studies that was Gonstead diplomate, instructor and especially she was French!

And so it was this meeting that was going to change my life! Being part of the few French students in the college, she told us from the first term “Do not hesitate and above all do not waste your time, go see what is best in chiropractic techniques, go take a seminar at the Gonstead clinic in Mount Horeb ! “. Twelve hours to go, it was worthy! What was our surprise to discover what our profession had to offer!

These people were amazing, they were doing things that I didn’t even know our profession could claim to do! I was fortunate enough to be adjusted by Alex Cox on a Knee-chest and that’s when I felt and understood what an adjustment was!

Since that time and until today, by realizing its efficiency, its rigor but also the beauty of its adjustments, I put my practice and my energy to the mastery of this technique through seminars, whether at the Gonstead clinic in Mt. Horeb, Davenport, Barcelona, ​​Toulouse, Paris and also Bournemouth in England.

With over 30 seminars, reading and re-reading  books, viewing and re-viewing  CDs, I continue to learn and discover with as much pleasure that I share as an instructor and trainer of this beautiful technique.