The Gonstead system

The 6 criterias of the Gonstead adjustment

The Gonstead technique represents the ultimate standard in spinal adjustment and remains the most precise technique.

It is also the most difficult to master.

The 6 stages of the Gonstead adjustment

The Gonstead System goes beyond what many chiropractors usually do. The Gonstead Chiropractor performs a thorough analysis of your spine using six criteria to detect spinal subluxation and know exactly how to correct it:

Patient History

Knowing how to listen to the patient already gives us a lot of valuable informations.


Visualisation is a way to crosscheck all other results with what you find out about the patient.

The Gonstead Chiropractor  is an expert in finding subtle changes in posture and movement that could indicate problems. You will learn to recognize all these important details.


The Nervoscope detects uneven heat distributions along the spine, which can be a sign of inflammation and pressure in the nervous system.


Static and Motion palpation

It is the process of feeling the presence of swelling (or edema), or abnormal contraction in the muscles and other tissues of your back, along with the loss of mobility in your joints, along your spine.

It’s the art of finding the subluxation and the perfect listing. This is a very important part to master.


X-ray analysis

X-rays are useful for assessing posture, joint and disc integrity, spinal misalignments and ruling out any recent pathology or fracture. These x-rays fully support the results of the exam and help us determine the exact listing and the exact line of drive.


The Gonstead adjustment

For the treatment the “Gonstead” chiropractor will use the very specific Gonstead adjustment:

The goal of the Gonstead adjustment is to be as precise as possible, treating only the problem areas without spinal rotation or twisting.

This makes this technique the safest of the chiropractic techniques.



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