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"Find the subluxation, correct it and then leave it alone."

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead

France Gonstead Seminar was created with the agreement and support of the Gonstead Seminar and John COX with the aim of teaching the Gonstead technique as a whole and as close as possible to its original essence.

You will learn about the Gonstead System, its analysis, the x-ray analysis and its lines, the use of the nervoscope and all the specific Gonstead adjustments.

You will learn how to take care of any type of patient based on numerous case studies.

Dr Thierry CARIS and Dr Eric CUEVAS both chiropractors have been passionate about GONSTEAD since their first year.

This passion has led them to multiply different formations around the world in order to bring you the Gonstead technique as close as possible to its truth.

The Gonstead technique

The Gonstead technique represents the ultimate standard in spinal adjustment and remains the most precise technique. It is also the most difficult to master.