Thierry Caris

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Thierry CARIS is the only Chiropractor in France to be GONSTEAD DILPOMATE, distinction awarded by Alex and John COX.

Graduated of Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1993, Dr CARIS learned the GONSTEAD technique from Dr PERILLAT, clinic director, Gonstead diplomate, Gonstead teacher, and Gonstead pediatric specialist. During his chiropractic education, Dr CARIS went on numerous occasions at the Gonstead clinic in Mont Horeb to attend seminars. Besides numerous trainings (ICPA (international chiropractic pediatric association), FICS (International federation of sports chiropractic), AK…) Dr Caris has always continued to attend many Gonstead seminars mainly with the “Gonsteadseminar.com” with Alex and Doug Cox then John COX, Bill Droessler… but also with GMI, Dr Wood…


Dr CARIS has been a GONSTEAD teacher at IFEC (French European Chiropractic Institute) since 2012.

He has been giving Gonstead seminars since 2017.


  • Diplomate Gonstead
  • Kinesiotape, Best, S.O.T, A.K.
  • ICPA Certification (International chiropractic paediatric association)
  • Graduated from F.I.C.S. (International Sports Chiropractic Federation)
  • Gonstead teacher at IFEC
  • Graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College (U.S.A.)